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Matthew Holdway Theodore Primary School Principal

Theodore Primary School is situated in Canberra's culturally and historically significant Tuggeranong valley. The valley has been recognised as a significant area to the Ngunnawal people and contains a number of significant sites within the local area.

Theodore Primary School opened its doors to children of the valley in 1991.  The school caters for students ranging from preschool to Year 6 and prides itself on providing a stimulating, balanced curriculum that encourages lifelong learning.  Decision making is a shared responsibility and the community is active in the education of our students.

The staff at Theodore Primary School are committed professionals who work together to explicitly teach English and Mathematical skills which support students to be literate and numerate members of society. Students in preschool and kindergarten engage with investigation based learning, where students are given opportunities to extend their knowledge in areas that are of interest to them. Each student spends time as a focus child, photographer and reporter which enables them to demonstrate and articulate their learning.  Our students in years 1 to 6 participate in an inquiry or project-based learning approach. Student learning is based on the investigation of questions, scenarios or problems.  We encourage students to inquire, think, question, plan, create and reflect in order to make meaning of their learning. We have specialist teachers delivering Science and PE curriculum and provide a wide range of opportunities that meet the needs of our students including Minilit (phonological/phonemic awareness skills), EALD support, school library, Gardening Club, Cooking club, cross class buddies, ICAS competitions, West African Drumming club, Instrumental Music Program (ukulele band), Choir  and KultureBreak dance.

At Theodore Primary School we pride ourselves on being sensitive to students’ individual emotional needs. As part of our daily practice we ensure that mindfulness and explicit social skills are taught.

We believe in strong community connections and enjoy offering after hours events which strengthen relationships and give students the opportunity to participate in learning alongside parents, carers and friends. Theodore Primary School works hard to build strong relationships between the students, staff, parents and the community.  Children are respected and encouraged to develop their potential in all areas through a forward-thinking approach to education.  Our policies and programs are developed to provide a safe, caring and inclusive environment where all our students achieve their best and know they are successful.

Theodore Primary School is a community of learners that I feel very privileged to work with. I look forward to the educational year ahead.

Matthew Holdway Principal

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Posted on 02 May 2016

2017 Student Enrolments Open

Student Enrolments  for Theodore Primary and Theodore Preschool 2017 are now OPEN . If you have a child you would like to attend Theodore Primary or Theodore Preschool in 2017 please ensure you complete an enrolment form as soon as possible.

All enrolments for Preschool to Year 6 are to be completed online please go to -

If you would like to discuss your child's enrolment with the schools' principal Matt Holdway please phone 6142 3100 to make an appointment.


Posted on 02 May 2016

2016 Chief Ministes Reading Challenge

Students from Preschool to Year 6 will participate in the 2016 Chief Ministers Reading Challenge.

  • CHALLENGE - Read 15 books before 9th September 2016

Yr1/2 - Grandparents Visit

Posted on 02 May 2016

Grandparents Visit

On Friday 6th May we will be having our Grandparent’s Day as part of our History unit. We would like to invite our student’s grandparents to come in to Yackatoon from 9:30am and talk to our students about what their life was like when they were young.  We want our students to realise the changes that have occurred in the lives of people that they know. Students will ask questions about school, home, food, books, transport and other topics of interest.  If your child’s grandparent/s have an item they would like to bring along to show the students that would be fantastic.


Posted on 06 Apr 2016

Theodore Primary School 'VALUES'





At TheodorePERSONAL BEST is:

  • quality work
  • participating in all activities
  • having standards and always doing our best to reach them
  • not giving up and showing resilience

At Theodore INTEGRITY is:

  • being honest and trustworthy
  • owning your behaviour
  • telling the truth
  • treating everyone fairly

At Theodore RESPECT is;

  • being polite and using good manners
  • being considerate of others
  • taking care of each other and our school enviroment
  • allowing everyone to have a voice

At Theodore COMPASSION is:

  • caring for others
  • being tolerant
  • acceptance of others beliefs, differences and opinion
  • showing genuine interest and concern for the feelings of others


Posted on 05 Apr 2016

ICAS competition

International Competition and Assessments for School - ICAS 2016

Year levels 3 to 6


Science - 31st May

Writing- 14th June

Spelling - 15th June

English - 2nd August

Maths - 16th August  

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