All permission notes for activities outside the school must be returned to the school signed by a parent/carer. Students cannot attend an excursion or camp without a signed permission note.

Whole School

Term 3 Calendar pdfsmall (112.9 KB)
Pizza and Problems pdfsmall (392.1 KB)
February 2018 Voluntary Contributions - Excursion pack pdfsmall (618.1 KB)

Year 1/2

Design and Technology pdfsmall (294.7 KB)

PE & Health

K to 6 Sports Carnivals pdfsmall (409.8 KB)

Year 5/6

Year 6 Museum of Australian Democracy pdfsmall (313.7 KB)
Year 5 Museum of Australian Democracy pdfsmall (313.3 KB)

Year 3/4

Year 3 & 4 Geoscience Australia Excursion pdfsmall (309.7 KB)


Woolworths Discovery Tour pdfsmall (324.3 KB)
100 Days of Kindergarten pdfsmall (277.3 KB)