School Board

Community representativeThe Board meets twice a term and their role is to discuss and establish the schools strategic direction, to monitor and review school performance and to monitor and approve the school budget. We also assist in the development, maintenance and review of school curriculum and policies. Each year the School Board Report is published. This report covers all areas of Theodore Primary's operations and performance.

The School Board is made up of an Executive Officer, Secretary, Board Chair and five members of the school community.

School BoardMembers
PrincipalTracey Stewart - Acting
ChairKirsten Baker
Secretary Rose Rodriguez
Community representativeBeverley Blatch
Teacher representativeJenny Lonergan
Teacher representativeSharon Swift
Parent representativeRay Haley
Parent representativeDanielle Searle

School Board Minutes

School Board Minutes Term 1 2017

School Board Minutes 22 February 2017 pdfsmall (1.3 MB)

School Board Minutes Term 3 2016

School Board Minutes 3 August 2016 pdfsmall (864.8 KB)

School Board Minutes Term 2 2016

School Board Minutes 15 June 2016 pdfsmall (1.4 MB)

School Board Minutes 11 May 2016 pdfsmall (1.7 MB)

School Board Minutes Term 1 2016

School Board Minutes 30 March 2016 pdfsmall (2.4 MB)