Parent & Citizen Association

The Theodore P&C Association provides a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow parents, become part of the school community, work together towards a common goal and have fun along the way. They meet twice a term to discuss the general goings on of the school and make decisions on behalf of the Parent body. All are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings.

2017 P&C Committee Members

Executive Committee

President - Liset de Koeijer

Vice President - Michelle Bruce

Treasurer - Nicola Franklin

Assistant Treasurer - Annalisa Ross

Secretary/Public Officer - Pippa Harbers

Executive Committee Members - Lynda Charnock, Alice Bourke & Frances Cameron

P&C Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Convenor - Wendy Stevenson

Fundraising Members - Michelle Bruce, Pippa Harbers, Alison Hosking

Preschool Sub - Committee

Fundraising Convenor - TBA

Fundraising Secretary - Leeann Manunui

Finance Officer - Chantelle Nosworthy

Committee Members- TBA

Liaison Roles

Uniform Liaison - Annalisa Ross

Canteen Liaison - Wendy Stevenson

Calwell High School Liaison - Frances Cameron

School Banking Officer - Annalisa Ross

P&C Council Delegate- TBA

School Uniforms

Theodore Primary School  uniforms are manufactured by Savvy School Wear and the school's uniforms are available from the Savvy School Wear shop located at:

Savvy School Wear
Shop 37 Homeworld
Tuggeranong ACT
Phone: 02 62939 529

School bucket hats are available from the schools front office.

Savvy's Trading Hours

Monday to Thursday: 9.00am to 5.30pm

Friday: 9.00am to 9.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am to 4.00pm

Sunday: 10.00am to 2.00pm

P&C Minutes

P & C Minutes Term 2 2017

P & C Minutes 10 May 2017 pdfsmall (117.1 KB)

P & C Minutes Term 1 2017

P & C Minutes 27 February 2017 pdfsmall (97.7 KB)

P & C Minutes 22 March 2017 pdfsmall (87.3 KB)

P&C Minutes Term 4 2016

P & C Minutes 26 October 2016 pdfsmall (570.5 KB)

P&C Minutes Term 1 2016

P & C Minutes 23 March 2016 pdfsmall (235.0 KB)

P & C Minutes 17 February 2016 pdfsmall (127.1 KB)

AGM Minutes 17 February 2016 pdfsmall (1.1 MB)

P&C documents

P & C Constitution pdfsmall (120.1 KB)