At Theodore we provide extra support to our students from our chaplain. The chaplain provides our students with spiritual, social, emotional and mental wellbeing support. The provision of pastoral care support between the chaplain and members of the school community is built through trust and a safe confidential relationship.

Our chaplain's role is to work closely with the teachers to support individual identified students within the schools guidelines. In addition the chaplain's role is to help link members to further support agencies and out of school services. This is done 'on request' from families.

Our chaplain also provides social inclusive and emotional support to our students through a social skills group which does beading and plays games such as UNO.  These are all held during the lunch time break.

The chaplain is accountable to Education Directorate policies and guidelines and is required to work within the school's guidelines as part of the school team. Any queries and complaints can be made to the school's Principal, School Chaplaincy ACT or Ombudsmen.