Enrolling/Transferring - ACT Public Schools

Parents/carers are welcome to enrol/transfer their son or daughter at any time during the school year using an online application form. Full details are available from the Education website.

Enrolment at Theodore Primary School is guided by the Education Directorate's Enrolment Policy.

Priority Enrolment Area (PEA)
Students who live in the suburb of Theodore are automatically eligible for a place at Theodore Primary School. Siblings of current students who live in the ACT are also eligible for a place. Evidence showing your place of residence is required upon enrolment.

After students in these suburbs have been placed, consideration may be given to students residing elsewhere in the ACT and then to students who live in NSW as per the ACT Education Directorate's Enrolment Policy.

Enrolment Procedures

The ACT Education Directorate (ETD) enrolment process for all ACT public schools is an on-line process. The online enrolment/transfer form and Parent/carer guide to enrolment/transfer for ACT public schools is located on the 'Enrolling in an ACT Public School' section of the Directorate website.

In the ACT children are eligible for a year of government preschool if they turn four on or before 30 April in that year. At Theodore our preschool offers three sessions each totaling 15 hours per week.

Kindergarten to year 6

In the ACT children are eligible to move into Kindergarten or commence school in Kindergarten if they turn five on or before 30 April in that year.  When online enrolments applications  for Kindergarten to year 6 are received the school will contact you to arrange a meeting with the school’s Principal.

If you have difficulty accessing a computer or require assistance to complete the online enrolment form we are here to help.  Please contact the school on 61423100.

Once you have received an offer of enrolment/transfer, it is necessary to accept the offer by arranging to provide the following paperwork to confirm your child’s enrolment:

  • proof of your child’s identity and date of birth (birth certificate)
  • proof of your child’s residential address (for example: residential lease, electricity /utilities account
    NB: a driver’s licence is not accepted as proof of residence)
  • copies of any family law or other relevant court orders
  • immunisation history
  • Emergency Treatment Plan if required

Non-Permanent Residents of Australia
Children who are non-permanent residents of Australia are welcome to enroll at Theodore Primary School. Their eligibility to attend a school in the ACT as a non-fee paying international student must first be clarified by the International Students Unit of the ACT Education Directorate. A student's status as non-fee or fee paying is dependent upon their visa.

Parents/carers of non-permanent resident children should contact the International Education Unit,
ACT Education Directorate on 02 6205 9178 email: ieu@act.gov.au

Early Entry

Early Entry is offered to eligible families to meet the needs of their children in the early years of their education. Early Entry will only be considered for children in the following categories

  • Early Entry for Children with English as an Additional Language or Dialect
  • Early Entry for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander children
  • Early Entry for Mobility (such as for Australian Defence Force personnel)
  • Early Entry for Gifted and Talented children.

For further information, please contact Early Years on 6207 1106 or email DET.consultation@act.gov.au.