Class rolls are kept in accordance with the ACT Education Directorate. Class rolls are marked both morning and afternoon by the class teacher and all student absences are recorded. The teacher records an S when written advice has been received that the child has been sick or an L when written advice states that the child has been on leave for that particular day. If the class teacher does not receive any information in regard to the student's absence then an A is recorded for the specific day. All student absences are totaled at the end of each term and recorded on student records.

Process for student absences

  • Admin staff will message parents by 10.30am advising of students who are marked absent for that day.
  • Parents are to respond to the message advising of their child’s absence.
  • Students with seven or more unexplained absences per term will receive a notice from the school’s Principal.

Students arriving late to school

  • If students arrive late to school, parents must come to the front office to sign their child in. Parents are to fill out a purple absent note for notice of absence.

Students leaving school early

  • If students leave school early, parents must come to the front office to sign their child out using the purple note available at the schools front office.