The teaching of English at Theodore Primary School, supports our students to understand the three strands within the Australian Curriculum, Language, Literature and Literacy. Students are supported to understand, appreciate, respond to, analyse and create literature.

All students at Theodore Primary School are scaffolded in their English learning. We believe in the gradual release of responsibility; an optimal learning approach where students are modelled to and then guided in English concepts. Students have the opportunity to work in small, purpose developed groups which are led by teachers who support the individual needs of students. Students work together in shared learning situations supported by both teachers and peers. Students are then encouraged to have a go, independently demonstrating or refining their understandings.

Students at Theodore Primary School engage in explicit reading and writing instructions, with a focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation. We explicitly teach reading comprehension strategies to equip our students with the skills necessary to make sense of text at a literal and inferential level.