Year 5/6

Mereki Unit

Year 5/6 students at Theodore Primary are encouraged and supported to demonstrate and apply their academic and leadership skills. Students have 1:1 Chromebooks available to build their digital literacy and collaboration skills.

In literacy, 5/6 students read, respond to, and create a variety of different texts for authentic purposes. Students are offered a range of choice in both reading and writing, and the opportunity to collaborate with peers both on paper and digitally. In mathematics, 5/6 use the Education Directorate-endorsed Middle Years Mental Computation (MYMC) to develop and extend their skills for working with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. For other mathematical strands, 5/6 use a range of hands-on, digital, and paper resources to maximise learning outcomes.

Year 5/6 students form Theodore Primary School Parliament, which is a school leadership model based off Australia’s Parliament. The Parliament program gives students the chance to learn about civics and citizenship through actively collaborating to improve the school. There are a number of elected positions (vote held early in the year) but all students in 5/6 are part of a Ministry. Year 5/6 students also have the opportunity to run for Captain or Vice-Captain of their House.

Students in year 5/6 are offered the opportunity to be in the Instrumental Music Program’s ukulele band program.