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School Board

The role of the School Board, as set out in the Education Directorate Ordinance 1976, is to determine the educational policy and curriculum of the school to assess the physical, financial and staffing needs of the school, and to develop the relationship between the school and the community. The Board is comprised of three parents, two teachers, the Principal, a community representative and Secretary.

The Board works closely with the school community, the staff and P&C Association. It has the responsibility to assist staff in meeting the needs of the community. The Board is required to meet four times per year. Parents are always welcome to attend. Upcoming meetings are advertised in the newsletter. The Board report can be found on the school's website.

School Calendar

The school calendar is published at the beginning of each term and sent home to parents. Upcoming events are also advertised in the school newsletter, on the notice board in front of the school, on the home page of this website and on our school Facebook page.

School Song

The school song, The Promise of Tomorrow was written by a teacher at Theodore during its foundation year in 1991.


Here at Theodore

We're proud of our school and we all know

It's here we'll learn to live and grow

In knowledge and understanding.

mmm mmm mmm mm mm mmmm mmmm

Our valley is a special place

Where past and the present come face to face

So many things in our world to share

We must learn to love and learn to care.

The blue is for the deepest sky

Stretched out for us to follow.

The gold, our sun which gives us life

And the promise of tomorrow

School Uniforms

Theodore Primary School  uniforms are manufactured by Savvy School Wear and the school's uniforms are available from  the Savvy School Wear shop located at:

Savvy School Wear
Shop 37 Homeworld
Tuggeranong ACT
Phone: (02) 62934 342 or 62939 529

School bucket hats are available from the schools front office



Each of the buildings on our school grounds is under the protection of a security system outside of school hours. Any suspicious activity on school property after hours should be reported to the police immediately.

Smoking on School Grounds

Smoking on the grounds of ACT Public Schools has not been permitted since 1 January 2008. The school grounds extend as far as the footpath at the front of the school, (including the area around the gates), the car park and oval. If you are unsure of the boundaries of the school, a map is on display at the front office.

Student Absences

Class rolls are marked both morning and afternoon by the class teacher and all student absences are recorded. The teacher records an S when written advice has been received that the child has been sick or an L when written advice states that the child has been on leave for that particular day. If the class teacher does not receive any information in regard to the student's absence then an A is recorded for the specific day.

Student ICT

Students must return the acceptable use of IT forms before any log on to the Internet will be issued. As students return completed IT forms, they will be informed of their logon details.